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Nature is the source of our wellbeing, our strength, and our happiness. At our hotel in Livigno, experience the power of nature on all levels and reunite with yourself.

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Our cosmetics line

Lac Salin Alpine Care. Gold from the mountains.

The beauty of Livigno’s inhabitants – as Livigno’s locals secretly confide to each other – is due to the edelweiss that grows around our hotel in Livigno among the rugged mountain rocks. Our Lac Salin Alpine Care line of cosmetics is the result of a symbiosis of traditional herbal medicine, innovative production methods, and the latest scientific findings. Edelweiss, juniper, nettle, arnica, fresh mountain milk, and the finest honey are the basis of our eight cosmetic products which you can buy at our spa hotel in Livigno.

Hotel Lac Salin

Lac Salin Alpine Care products

Hotel Lac Salin
Hotel Lac Salin

Edelweiss. The secret to beauty and wellbeing.

What our forefathers knew long ago has been scientifically proven: due to its numerous ingredients, edelweiss is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Rich in antioxidants and sterols, precious edelweiss extract is a true elixir of beauty and health. This is why the queen of the alpine plants forms the basis for our unique cosmetic line, which acts like the fountain of youth for your skin.

Massage oil

Hotel Lac Salin

Massage oil with edelweiss, camomile and lavender extract
Price: €35.00 

Balsamic gel

Hotel Lac Salin

Balsam gel with extract of arnica, edelweiss, devil’s claw, mint, and eucalyptus
Price: €25.00

Body cream

Hotel Lac Salin

Nourishing body cream with edelweiss extract, shea butter, jojoba, macadamia, and milk proteins
Price: €48.00

Bath foam

Hotel Lac Salin

Relaxing shower gel with edelweiss extract, milk proteins, and honey
Price: €20.00

Body scrub

Hotel Lac Salin

Peel with extracts of green coffee, nettle, honey, and milk proteins
Price: €42.00

Face lotion

Hotel Lac Salin

Face lotion with juniper berry, edelweiss and honey extracts
Price: €45.00

Face cream

Hotel Lac Salin

Face cream with extracts of edelweiss, marigold, and apple stem cells
Price: €55.00

Hand cream

Hotel Lac Salin

Hand cream with extract of marigold, juniper berries, honey, mallow, and dandelion
Price: €25.00

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