Hotel Lac Salin
Hotel Lac Salin
Hotel Lac Salin
Our spa concept. For your wellbeing.

Medicinal plants for body, mind, and soul

Nature is the source of our wellbeing, our strength, and our happiness. At our hotel in Livigno, experience the power of nature on all levels and reunite with yourself.

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Lungolivigno: the success story

Once upon a time there was a couple, Milio and Domenica…

It was the early 60s. At that time Livigno was a dreamy, remote mountain village, which was slowly awakening to new life. Domenica, a native of Livigno, and her husband Emilio, called Milio, were among the first to recognise the great potential of the village as a tourist destination for nature-loving mountain enthusiasts. So they bought a plot of land and built their first hotel in Livigno: the Hotel Concordia in the busy pedestrian area. As the family grew – seven children were born – Domenica and Milio slowly expanded their business into other areas. In 1963, they opened “Renna Sport”, a leather goods store that became a chic fashion boutique.

Hotel Lac Salin

Twelve years and three new businesses

In 1978, Giuseppina, Domenica’s sister, died. Giuseppina ran a grocery shop all her life, which was the only place to shop in Livigno, especially during the hard winters when Livigno was mostly cut off from the rest of the world. After the death of her sister, Domenica continued to run the business and transformed it step by step into a luxury boutique. In 1979, she bought the sports store “Jack & Jack” and in 1989, the fourth fashion store “Connaction” opened.

Hotel Lac Salin

The 90s – marked by expansion

In 1994 Milio sensed his next chance. The restaurant “Teal del Vidal” was for sale as well as the Nuova Villa residence and Caffè della Posta. Three years later Milio’s next venture was to purchase Hotel Lac Salin, which, after extensive renovations, is without doubt one of the most beautiful accommodations in Livigno. But Milio and Domenica still had a big dream: to unite all hotels, shops, restaurants, and cafés into one company and under one name. Lungolivigno SpA was created, a big family empire where all the children work together and are responsible in different areas.

Hotel Lac Salin

New millenium, new business success

The Lungolivigno group of companies took over the management of Hotel Paré, converted Hotel Lac Salin into an elegant Spa & Mountain Resort, and built the unconventional and modern Hotel Montivas Lodge. At the same time, two new fashion boutiques, Renna Sport Bags and Renna Sport, as well as the Lungolivigno outlet opened. In 2009, Milio passed away but his entrepreneurial spirit has remained and lives on in his children and grandchildren. We continue to run the business in the spirit of our parents with the same passion. Today Lungolivigno is much more than a family business. It is a brand that makes Livigno famous all over the world. A brand that makes the world of the mountains come alive.

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