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Hotel Lac Salin
Hotel Lac Salin
Hotel Lac Salin
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Our spa concept. For your wellbeing.

Medicinal plants for body, mind, and soul

Nature is the source of our wellbeing, our strength, and our happiness. At our hotel in Livigno, experience the power of nature on all levels and reunite with yourself.

Stay overnight in Livigno, experience a dream

Anyone who spends the night in Livigno, lives his dream: a dream of freedom in the unspoilt nature. Livigno is much more than a village. It is a 15-kilometre-long valley in the Rhaetian Alps at 1,816 metres above sea level. The first settlers were documented in 1080 when the small village was dependent in all respects on neighbouring Bormio. Staying and living in Livigno at that time meant first and foremost living with the dangers of the mountains, especially the avalanches that thundered down the valley year after year during the snowy winters, sealing the village off from the outside world. The people lived at that time from agriculture and the timber industry. From the wood of the forests and the stones of the mountains, the inhabitants built their simple houses, the so-called “Tea”, to spend the night in Livigno.

Hotel Lac Salin

Stay overnight in the former smugglers’ nest of Livigno

In the 1950s, smuggling was widespread among the people who stayed and lived in Livigno. Some saw it as a real job. Even though the small mountain village had been a duty-free zone since 1805, the population was very poor. The possibilities to do agriculture or trade were limited. Tourists who stayed overnight in Livigno did not exist at that time. Therefore, for many people the only option was to emigrate or smuggle goods into Switzerland. Everybody profited from the active smuggling trade: the traders who sold their goods and the illegal border crossers, who mainly brought cigarettes – up to 100 cartons, spirits, sugar, or coffee from spring to autumn over the Passo Foscagno. In the 60s our village finally came to life again. The history of tourism here is closely connected with our family and the Lungolivigno company.

Hotel Lac Salin

Only in Livigno: Overnight stay with duty-free shopping

An overnight stay in Livigno is always connected with shopping since you can buy diverse goods at cheap prices. It was Napoleon himself who declared Livigno a duty-free zone in 1805 for strategic reasons: an incentive for people to settle permanently, but also to stay overnight in Livigno. His intention was to establish a trade and troop route through the valley. Even though this proved to be a difficult undertaking and Napoleon finally had to withdraw from politics, Livigno remained a duty-free trade zone without VAT over the centuries, much to the delight of all those who stay in Livigno. Today our small mountain village is considered to be a shopping haven, but also a unique natural paradise which people love for its diversity. Come to Livigno for an overnight stay and more! In our hotel in Livigno we still have many stories for you.

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