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Our spa concept. For your wellbeing.

Medicinal plants for body, mind, and soul

Nature is the source of our wellbeing, our strength, and our happiness. At our hotel in Livigno, experience the power of nature on all levels and reunite with yourself.

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Magic number 7 for your wellbeing

7 herbs, 7 days of the week

Seven days of the week, seven planets, seven herbs – the wellness concept of our hotel in Livigno is based on the magic number of seven and on the healing herbs that grow in unspoilt nature. Each day of the week corresponds not only to a planet, but also to a medicinal herb. So on each day of the week you will experience the beneficial effects of a different medicinal plant in a variety of ways: as an essential essence in the sauna, as a soothing tea in the tea corner of the Lac Salin Spa, as a herbal seasoning  for dinner, as a bath ... Let us surprise you!

Sunday, sun, and camomile

Sunday is the day of the sun. Everything revolves around the sun. It gives us life and clarity. Clarity to look at the past and to look into the future, which offers us new opportunities to make the most of. Camomile, our plant of the day, gives you the necessary peace and quiet. Take a camomile bath and let yourself be enveloped by the gentle power of this medicinal plant. The sun and moon combine with camomile, transforming and uniting in its flower. Delicate and resistant at the same time, camomile gives you the ability to face adversity calmly and with foresight. Used in aromatherapy, camomile calms the nervous system and provides inner peace. Camomile helps you to make peace with the world and yourself. It has a calming, balancing effect and working together with the sun, restores contact with our deepest inner being.

Monday, Moon and yarrow

Monday is connected to the moon, which determines life on earth. It draws our attention to the mysterious and mystical, which often lies hidden, and invites us to reflect. That is why Monday is the ideal day to plan the activities of the week before they take place. The plant of the day is the yarrow, symbol of the sky and the spirit, a bridge that connects us to the invisible. Applied in aromatherapy, it has a harmonising effect. It provides clarity, which is especially important in phases of change. It also helps us to face changes in life with self-confidence and provides stability and determination in uncertain phases. Yarrow has a balancing effect and supports you in embracing opportunity.

Tuesday, Mars and mint

On Tuesdays, the planet Mars rules the day. Mars stands for physical and mental power, and reminds us of the power of love. With Mars in the background any activity is easy. A bath with mint provides you with extra energy on this day. Mint, a medicinal plant with an intense scent, is known for its strengthening effect. It is effective against physical fatigue and mental exhaustion. Used in aromatherapy, mint purifies the mind and promotes concentration. The essence of mint stimulates and increases strength, resistance, and attentiveness. At the same time it is a powerful anti-stress remedy.

Wednesday, Mercury and thyme

The planet Mercury rules Wednesday.  For the Romans, Mercury was the messenger and mediator between humans and gods. He also transferred the souls of the deceased to the afterlife and had the ability to send the humans to sleep and wake them up again. In nature, Mercury is found in the leaves of all plants. However, we have chosen thyme for our treatments on this day. Thyme is considered a natural antibiotic and helps with inflammations of all kinds. It is said to have an invigorating effect – both on a physical and mental level. Used in aromatherapy, the herb stimulates the left hemisphere of the brain, where the rational and the logical are located. It gives energy, courage, and dynamism. It also helps to overcome fear as well as timidity, laziness, and sloth.

Thursday, Jupiter and sage

Thursday is dedicated to Jupiter, the father of the Roman gods, and exudes a festive spirit. That is why it is often called “little Sunday”. On this day a pleasant climate prevails in which generosity and wisdom flourish. That is why meetings, gatherings, and discussions are usually more successful on Thursdays. On Thursdays we introduce you to sage at our sports hotel in Livigno. The name sage comes from the Latin word “salvus”, which stands for saved, healthy, healed. This does not only mean physical health, but also mental health. Its strong, pleasant scent makes you alert and provides you energy and vigour. In aromatherapy it is used to stimulate the senses. In addition, it gives provides tranquillity and a carefree attitude, and restores inner balance and emotional stability. This makes it easier to face difficult challenges and make the right decisions.

Friday, Venus and lemon balm

Friday is dedicated to Venus. Everything beautiful, the arts and games are at the centre of attention. On this day it is easier to express feelings and seduce others because you are more attractive to others. Flowering plants are associated with Venus, so Fridays at our comfortable 4-star Livigno hotel is all about lemon balm (melissa). The name “melissa” comes from the Greek word “méli” (honey) due to how bees love this plant. Both bees and honey symbolise warmth, nobility, mystical knowledge, prosperity, and transformation. The scent, reminiscent of lemon, helps to reduce anxiety, to feel the ground under your feet again, and to regain lost vitality. In aromatherapy, lemon balm is known for its balancing effect and is the perfect anti-stress remedy, especially when you are under pressure.

Saturday, Saturn and pine tree

The planet Saturn characterises the solemn mood on Saturday, the day that ends the week. It is the ideal time to take a closer look at what is happening during the week and to discover the big picture behind it all. We have chosen the pine tree so that you can completely relax on this day at our spa hotel in Livigno. The pine is a very robust and resistant tree that restores the simplicity of being to people. This brings back strength and energy. Applied in aromatherapy, the tree is known for its supporting and strengthening effect. It helps to regain confidence and dispel sorrow, anger, sadness, and guilt. In addition, the tree is a driving force which fights sluggishness and laziness. Tension and stress are reduced, concentration increases.

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