Our spa concept. For your wellbeing.

Medicinal plants for body, mind, and soul

Nature is the source of our wellbeing, our strength, and our happiness. At our hotel in Livigno, experience the power of nature on all levels and reunite with yourself.

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Our hotel provides Private Spa. Your place of power in the Alps.

Back to the origin. Back to the simplicity of being.

The wonderful  smell of freshly felled pine wood fulfills our outstanding Private Spa and encloses you. When entering the suites you will feel a unique sense of wellbeing that is hard to put into words. Stone, wood, fire, and water – these are the elements that formed our unique alpine landscape and that characterise the comfortable and alpine interior of the Private Spa. They feature numerous finesses: the experience shower, the infrared sauna, the whirlpool, and the water sofa make the hearts of wellness fans beat faster. 

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